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Lefkada "the emerland island" is a wonderful island in Ionian sea and is found between Corfu and Kefallonia. It is the fourth in size island of Eptanisa with extent 302km2 and population 23.000 residents. Lefkada is near to the coasts of Akarnania in Western Greece. A lot of historians such as Thoykydidis and Stravon report it in their books as a peninsula. The distance from each other is 50 metres and they are connected via navigable bridge.

Around the island of Lefkada exist other 20 smaller islands such as Meganisi (sailors' island), Kalamos, Kastos, Madoyri (where the house of the poet A. Balaoriti is found), Scorpion (Onasis' island) Sparti, Kythros, Thileia and all together constitute the prefecture of Lefkada with capital the homonym city.

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