The beaches of Lefkada are the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The crystal clear blue waters and beautiful green landscapes will fascinate you. Do you want to spend moments of calm and relaxation with your family? Do you like water sports and adrenaline? You can choose between a large number of beaches, according to your preferences.

Below you can see the most popular beaches with some basic information to help you choose which you want to visit.

kathisma - Vergina Star


Beach with exotic beauty, is the most cosmopolitan beach of Lefkada. It has white pebbled sand and turquoise waters and is organized.

eggremnoi - Vergina Star


Pebble beach with stunning crystal clear turquoise waters. Around it there are impressive cliffs and is accessed via stairs. The beach is partly organized.

agios nikitas - Vergina Star

Agios Nikitas

Small pebble beach with clear waters. It is partly organized and located in front of the homonymous settlement.

vasiliki - Vergina Star


Sandy beach in front of the homonymous village and is organized. It is among the ten best in the world and the three best in Europe for windsurfing.

porto katsiki - Vergina Star

Porto Katsiki

It is one of the most famous beaches of Lefkada and the best in the Mediterranean. It has pebbles, crystal clear waters and is partly organized.

nidri - Vergina Star


Crowded beach with pebbles. It is located in front of the homonymous village and is organized.

agios ioannis - Vergina Star

Agios Ioannis

Sandy beach with turquoise waters. It is organized and is one of the most famous beaches in Lefkada.

gira - Vergina Star


Sandy beach which is very popular. Located opposite the homonymous settlement.

kastro - Vergina Star


Beach with clear waters and fine pebbles. Located across the bridge at the entrance of the island.

ammoglossa - Vergina Star


Sandy beach with blue waters. Located opposite the castle of Agia Maura.

peukoulia - Vergina Star


Sandy beach with clear waters. It is partly organized. A part of it is available for nudism.

milos - Vergina Star


Pebble beach with stunning turquoise deep water. Access is possible only by foot from the picturesque path that starts from Agios Nikitas (20 minutes walking), or by boat.

kalamitsi - Vergina Star


Beautiful beach with sand and pebbles. It has turquoise waters and rocks. It is partly organized with umbrellas, sun loungers and there is a canteen.

gialos - Vergina Star


Great sandy beach with rocks on the road to Egremni and Porto Katsiki. The beach is partly organized, while part of it is available for nudism.

desimi - Vergina Star


Small, shady beach with pebbles. Located near the village of Vlihos. Near the beach there are two organized camping areas.

mikros gialos - Vergina Star

Mikros Gialos

Beautiful, quiet pebble beach with clear waters. Located below the village of Poros is organized.

ammousa - Vergina Star


Small beach with pebbles. Located near Vasiliki beach.

agiofili - Vergina Star


One of the most beautiful pebble beaches with turquoise and crystal clear waters. Located on a picturesque bay on the left side of Vasiliki beach.